Welcome to Skin Rescue Centre

Welcome to the Skin Rescue Centre. Double Bay’s premier skin care centre.

At Skin Rescue Centre, we are dedicated to the latest technologies and advances that promote healthier, younger-looking skin and appearances. Our treatments are designed to suit busy people who want results oriented solutions without down time.

Skin Rescue Centre procedures not only correct the challenges of Rosacea, birthmarks and capillaries, they also address sun damage, scarring, blemishes, excess hair and age related concerns. Our team of experienced GPs, Registered Nurses, Dermal Clinicians and Beauty Therapists (with dermal experience) share a common goal: to deliver the freshest, most natural looking results possible.

First of all, we believe that a full understanding of pre-treatment and post treatment care is essential to achieving optimal results. Your first essential step is the initial consultation. This helps us understand your concerns, as we assess your skin type, conduct test patches, obtain relevant medical history, prepare a treatment plan and explain every step that will take you closer to younger, clearer more beautiful skin.

A skin consultation is required prior to any peel or any laser treatment. The cost of this will be deducted from any series purchased. The diagnostic involves a fully professional, in-depth analysis, assessment and instruction to help you achieve and maintain your goals.

Contact us to organise a consultation to discuss your skin’s unique requirements.